About Project Anarchy

Project Anarchy is a complete end to end game engine and state-of-the-art toolset for mobile. Project Anarchy also comprises a vibrant game development community centered right here at www.projectanarchy.com. Project Anarchy includes an entirely free license to ship your game on iOS, Android and Tizen platforms.

Technically, what is Project Anarchy?

Under the hood Project Anarchy is a fully integrated suite of Havok’s award winning software:
  • Havok Vision Engine is a powerful and versatile multi-platform game engine capable of rendering a diverse range of game scenes at smooth frame rates. The engine provides a clean C++ API and a suite of tools ranging from a WYSIWYG editor to lighting and audio tools.
  • Havok Physics is the fastest and most robust collision detection and physical simulation technology available. Havok Physics has become the gold standard within the games industry and has been used by leading game developers in over 400 launched titles.
  • Havok Animation Studio is a state-of-the-art animation system built for high quality game character development. Havok Animation Studio includes the Havok Animation Tool for artists and designers, and an optimized animation runtime. Havok Animation Tool allows developers to quickly prototype character features and author character performances in a WYSIWYG environment.
  • Havok AI is a fully featured pathfinding solution. Havok AI takes care of high-speed navigation mesh generation and provides out of the box components like local character steering. Together pathfinding and steering provide a full palette of solutions for character motions in a wide range of scenes.
In addition to the core suite of Havok’s products, Project Anarchy ships with a growing list of integrated third party game technology such as Autodesk® Scaleform® for developing powerful UI and fmod® for the creation and playback of audio. 

So, this is all free?

To help Havok make Project Anarchy free for iOS, Android and Tizen we only ask for a few things in return. First and foremost we’d encourage you to become part of the Project Anarchy community and join us in making Project Anarchy a great place to make awesome games. Secondly we’d like the opportunity to do some co-marketing with you when you come to ship your game. We won’t be able to work with everyone that ships a title but when you sign up we do ask that you agree to Havok having the option, and don’t worry - we don’t bite! Thirdly, if you have created a game targeting Android (or another platform that supports x86 devices such as Tizen) that you plan to upload to an app store, the license requires that you build an equivalent x86-compatible version of the game and upload it alongside any other versions that you have built.  Building an x86-compatible version of an Android executable is a very straightforward process and if you have any questions on this part of the process, please contact us at x86buildsupport@projectanarchy.com and we’ll do our best to help.

Standard Package

Bundled Products Havok Vision, Physics, AI, Animation Studio
Source Code Access Headers for all products. Source code for the integrations of Physics, AI & Animation into Havok Vision. Extensive demo source.
Community support via our Project Anarchy web portal
Co-marketing Project Anarchy splash screen required on launch and options for Havok to do some co-promotion activity around your game launch.
Platform support
Full license to ship on iOS, Android (ARM and x86), and Tizen.
Includes a “development only” license for Windows (DX9).
Deployment channel Through an official “App Store”, e.g. Google Play, iOS App Store, Firefox Marketplace, Amazon Appstore 


Expanded Licensing

We realise that there are teams out there who will want to bring their games to other platforms, incorporate other Havok technologies into their titles or get access to expanded source and support. Here's an overview of the options we're providing:

PC Exporter for Project Anarchy

While mobile gaming has been growing from strength to strength, there's been a huge resurgence in PC gaming in recent years. At a cost of $499 per seat, PC Exporter for Project Anarchy allows for the ability to take that game you've built with Project Anarchy and release it to the PC market. PC Exporter for Project Anarchy will be available in July 2014, check our FAQ for further information.

Full Engine Licensing

The primary purpose of the PC Exporter is to enable mobile game developers to release their game on the PC platform.  It is certainly possible to build and release a PC title with the PC Exporter and there is no restriction on you using Project Anarchy for this purpose.  However, if you are a larger team leading on PC or other platforms, you will almost certainly want the expanded feature set of the full Vision Engine (including more advanced rendering, full source code, direct support from Havok, and more).  We have a range of flexible business models for incorporated companies and we would be delighted to engage with you.  Please visit www.havok.com/sales.