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SDK (2014.1.1)

From here you can get the installer for Project Anarchy, which will help you download the packages you need and install them. There are two installers available, one for Windows and one for Mac OS X. Your download should have started automatically based off your running OS, but you can download it manually below.


The primary development platform for Project Anarchy is Windows since our tools including the WYSIWYG world editor (vForge), our 3ds Max/Maya exporter plugins (Havok Content Tools), model viewer (vModelViewer), Animation Studio, and much more all run only on Windows.

This installer also offers an option to install the packages you need to develop on Android and Tizen. For more information how to set up your system to develop for Android or Tizen please refer to:

Mac OS X

If you are ready to deploy your game onto iOS, then this is the installer for you!


These are the compiled APKs of all the samples provided with the most recent SDK.


If you follow along with the courseware we have, you will want to download the full package of samples here.

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FBX Importer

This is a tool that converts FBX files into Havok-compatible HKX scene files. It will help you convert FBX files to Vision formats or Havok Animation Studio compatible files. You can download full source from GitHub ( Extract the following archive into the root of your Anarchy SDK folder. For complete instructions on how to get started check out the README.

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2D Toolset (Alpha)

Although you can make 2D games with Project Anarchy out-of-the-box, it takes some custom code to get spritesheets working and doing basic 2D collision through LUA. This sample 2D toolset gives you a couple new entities and utilities to create 2D games entirely through LUA without having to write any custom C++ code. There is still a lot of work left before this can be considered polished, but this is the first step and we wanted to give you, the community, a first look at this so that you can provide us with feedback early on. You can get the latest source code from GitHub ( or you can download pre-built binaries here:

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