What is Project Anarchy?

  • Project Anarchy is a complete end to end game engine for mobile.
  • Project Anarchy is a combination of Havok Vision, Havok Physics, Havok Animation Studio, and Havok AI all specifically tailored for mobile.
  • Project Anarchy includes a free development and deployment license for iOS, Android and Tizen, meaning you can develop and ship a game for iOS, Android and Tizen with Project Anarchy, for free!
  • Project Anarchy includes a development license on PC but there are no deployment rights on PC. To ship a Project Anarchy title on PC you will need to purchase the PC Exporter for Project Anarchy.


How often will you release?

  • Havok releases its products a few times a year.


How much does it cost?

  • Project Anarchy includes a free license to deploy on iOS, Android and Tizen. Check out projectanarchy.com for the full set of features included in the free license. There are opportunities to upgrade to a commercial license from Havok that includes additional support, source and other Havok products.
  • To release on PC, the PC Exporter for Project Anarchy costs $499 per seat.
  • For commercial licenses on additional platforms (beyond iOS, Android, Tizen, and PC) please check out the range of flexible licensing offerings at Havok’s website.


Why would you give something away for free?

  • Havok is fully committed to building a self-sufficient and vibrant community around Project Anarchy and as part of this there are some marketing requirements that all games made with the free version of Project Anarchy will need to sign-up to.
  • Additionally there are opportunities for teams to upgrade to Havok's source and support versions of Havok products, and also license other products.


What are the known issues with Project Anarchy?


How do I setup my machine to deploy to Android?


What are these marketing requirements you say I’ll need to sign up to?

  • The Project Anarchy EULA details a number of marketing activities. Here is a high level overview, but please read the EULA in detail for the exact specifics:
    • You must include the approved Project Anarchy logo on the splash screen of your game and also include our copyright and credit notice on any “help” or “about” screens.
    • Anywhere that you are referencing the middleware used in your game, you must also reference Project Anarchy and where appropriate include the Project Anarchy logo
    • We ask that, once your game has shipped, you allow Havok to engage in co-marketing with you. In practice we mean activities like a joint press release, providing some cool quotes or case-studies, or videos or screen-grabs from your game. Havok has a long history of working with customers on co-marketing and always very sensitive in how we go about marketing.


Any use or just games?

  • It's free for consumer apps that will be distributed via a public app store, certainly allowing all consumer entertainment and education uses.
  • For other uses in the following markets you need to obtain a separate license from Havok™: gambling, training, simulation, or visualization in the industrial, military or non-games market. Please contact www.havok.com/sales for more info.


How will you support Project Anarchy?

  • Project Anarchy will be supported through community forums moderated by Havok domain experts
  • There is a Pro Upgrade option to license source and support directly from Havok


What countries / languages will you be supporting?

  • The Project Anarchy will be with full English documentation but large sections of the documentation will be available in Korean and Chinese.
  • The community site will support English. Korean, Chinese and Japanese will be added over time.


When / how can I join the community?


What’s the optimal team size for working with Project Anarchy?

  • Project Anarchy will suit all team sizes and comes with full multi-user editing features and Perforce integration


So Havok Physics / Havok AI / Havok Animation Studio is free on mobile? Awesome?

  • Project Anarchy is a combination of technologies for mobile all housed and tightly integrated within the Havok Vision engine.
  • Havok Physics, AI and Animation Studio may not be used in a standalone manner and there are technical and licensing restrictions to prevent one from doing so.
  • If you are interested in using any of these middleware products in a stand-alone manner please contact our sales team.


What modeller/DCC support do you have?

  • Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Autodesk Maya®
  • FBX importer is available, but still in development for more information visit here: http://forum.projectanarchy.com/showthread.php?327-FBX-Importer-Alpha


What file importers / formats will you support?

  • Havok Vision supports exporting and importing from Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Autodesk Maya®
  • If you have a specific file / format that you are interested in us supporting please post it on projectanarchy.com
  • FBX importer is available, but still in development for more information visit here: http://forum.projectanarchy.com/showthread.php?327-FBX-Importer-Alpha


What debugging tools do you provide?

  • Project Anarchy includes:
    • A Lua remote debugger
    • A Visual Debugger for visual inspection of the Havok Physics world
    • Remote debugging of characters with Havok Animation Studio
    • Standard C++ debugging via Microsoft Visual Studio


What about Cloth and Destruction?

  • Havok Cloth and Havok Destruction are fully integrated with Havok Vision, if you are interested in licensing these, please contact www.havok.com/sales for more info.


Will Project Anarchy Support 2D game development?

  • We are creating components that allow you to genuinely work in a 2D space, but the engine is still 3D which means you can combine 2D and 3D elements together.


Is this a new Havok PC XS? Is Havok PC XS going away?

  • Havok PC XS remains unchanged and a crucial part of Havok’s support for the broader game development community.
  • Where Project Anarchy is mobile focused but with options to expand to PC through the PC Exporter for Project Anarchy, Havok PC XS is entirely focused on Windows PC game development.
  • Many successful titles have shipped on PC XS and many are in active development


How much does it cost?

  • Project Anarchy comes with a free license for mobile game development and deployment.
  • PC Exporter for Project Anarchy allows deployment to PC at a cost of $499 per seat.


How much does support cost?

  • Support for Project Anarchy is community based. Direct support is only available as part of a separate licensing engagement.


Does that work for console games too?

  • Havok supports the full range of current and next-gen consoles, if you are interested in licensing on these platforms, please contact www.havok.com/sales for more info.


Do you ship source?

  • Source is provided for:
    • Mobile shaders
    • Vision Engine Plugin
    • Havok Physics Plugin
    • Havok AI Plugin
    • Havok Animation Studio Plugin
    • All samples and Tutorials
  • Headers are provided for all other runtimes (Vision, Physics, AI, Animation Studio)


How can I customize Project Anarchy?

  • The Havok Vision Engine is built on an extensible C++ plugin based architecture and we're shipping source for many of the plugins that will form part of Project Anarchy.
  • These plugins are hosted in a public repository and we update these repositories with each new release.
  • The community can add new plugins and provide their own customizations and extensions to the repository we manage.


I sell / write training for other engine platforms, how can I get involved here?

  • Feel free to write and sell training for Project Anarchy the EULA provides explicit coverage for this.
  • Join the projectanarchy.com community and let us know your ideas.


Can I be a moderator in your forum?

  • First sign up to the projectanarchy.com community and we can take it from there!


How can I get a job at Havok?


I’m based in another country, how do you plan to drive Project Anarchy there? Are you interested in partnering?


What third party plugins do you support?

  • Project Anarchy ships with:
    • Autodesk Scaleform
    • Fmod


Can I release a plugin for Project Anarchy for my middleware? Is there any license I need to sign?

  • As part of the license you can create things other than games based off Project Anarchy. For example:
    • Project Anarchy Plugins
    • Project Anarchy integrations with other software or middleware
    • Educational materials like user guides or educational videos
    • It is fine to sell your plugins etc. provided you keep to the terms of our agreement and any other 3rd party agreements you might be bound by. Please read the EULA in detail here as we do have some special terms for plug-ins that embed themselves as a third party store inside Project Anarchy toolset.


Can I host this on my site?

  • What exactly do you want to host on your site? We’d like to keep all the Havok created Project Anarchy materials on projectanarchy.com along with hosting the official Project Anarchy community there.


Can I ship sub pieces of Project Anarchy with my game (a la modder tools)?

  • We’d like to get more details on what you want to do here. Can you post up your ideas on projectanarchy.com?


I have a public repository for my game, can I check in Project Anarchy headers and binaries there?

  • Yes, checking in requisite headers and libraries to support building a common repository will be permitted under Project Anarchy.


Can I post performance statistics for your technology?

  • No, we do not allow performance statistics to be posted by users or third parties. There are different reasons for this but performance statistics can be very sensitive to environmental factors such as hardware, operating system, tool chain etc. Havok gathers regular performance statistics on its technology in a very measurable and repeatable manner and is happy to share with interested customers.


Do you have any broader licensing terms for students?

  • Yes, Havok has a range of educational licenses but the standard Project Anarchy license should be sufficient for any educational use of the technology shipped with Project Anarchy. Please get in touch with us via projectanarchy.com


Do you have any education materials?

  • Project Anarchy ships with full documentation and a range of samples and tutorials. All of these can be included under license in educational materials. We have an active school outreach program as part of Project Anarchy, if you feel your school would benefit from participation in this it would be great to get some course and contact details.


Can I use Project Anarchy for my school project?

  • Yes absolutely, just download and agree to the project anarchy EULA as normal.


Do you engage with schools? If so, how so?

  • Yes, Havok does outreach to Schools and Universities! Please get in touch with us via projectanarchy.com and let us know what you are interested in.

PC Exporter for Project Anarchy

How much does the PC Exporter cost?

  • $499 per seat

How many seats am I likely to need?

  • You should plan on licensing a seat for each person working on your game.

When can I purchase the PC Exporter?

  • The PC Exporter will be available in July 2014.

What exactly does the PC Exporter entitle me to do?

  • The PC Exporter entitles you to ship your game on PC Win32. Today, as part of Project Anarchy we include a development only version on PC. With Project Anarchy for PC these restrictions are removed allowing you to both develop and ship on PC Win32.

Technically what features of Project Anarchy are available as part of the PC Exporter?

  • The PC Exporter has exactly the same feature set and includes the same products as Project Anarchy including: Havok Vision Engine, Havok Physics, Havok AI, and Havok Animation Studio. It also comes bundled with FMOD for Audio and Autodesk Scaleform for UI. 
  • The PC Exporter ships with the same source code and support options that are available today as part of the Project Anarchy download. For a detailed look the features of Project Anarchy and the PC Exporter, go ahead and grab the download here: http://www.projectanarchy.com/download

What about other Havok products, are these available as part of the PC Exporter?

  • There are no other Havok products included other than those listed above as part of the PC Exporter.

What about other platforms?

  • The PC platform was the most commonly requested additional platform during the beta phase. Please watch this space for potential announcements about other platforms. Additionally Havok has a range of flexible licensing programs if you wish to upgrade to the full version of the Vision Engine, including other platforms. Please visit www.havok.com/sales.

What level of source code is included as part of the PC Exporter?

  • We ship the PC Exporter with the same great level of source code that you use today. This level of source code lets you dive straight into customizing Project Anarchy to suit your needs.

Does the PC Exporter remove my obligations around marketing attribution?

  • The same standard Project Anarchy marketing attribution applies with the PC Exporter.

Can I use this per seat to do develop my game with PC as a lead platform?

  • The primary purpose of the PC Exporter is to enable mobile game developers to release their game on the PC platform.  It is certainly possible to build and release a PC title with the PC Exporter and there is no restriction on you using Project Anarchy for this purpose.  However, if you are a larger team leading on PC, you will almost certainly want the expanded feature set of the full Vision Engine (including more advanced rendering, full source code, direct support from Havok, and more).  We have a range of flexible business models for incorporated companies and we would be delighted to engage with you.  Please visit www.havok.com/sales.