Anarchy Starts Now!

After an incredible response at GDC 2013, we have been hard at work and are happy to announce the release of the first public beta version of Project Anarchy!

We have also transformed into a community site which is loaded with resources to arm and inspire developers including:

  • The Project Anarchy software
  • Online Discussion Forums for Community Support
  • Lessons & Tutorials
  • Videos & Documentation

To join our online community and download Project Anarchy, go to:


There's lots of stuff in store for Project Anarchy and the Project Anarchy online community! Here are a few highlights…

Tech Updates

Project Anarchy will have regular updates that will include ongoing new features and enhancements. For instance, while ARM based Android devices are already supported, we plan add support for x86 Android devices in the coming weeks.

Arming the Project Anarchy Community with Resources

We'll continue to build and refine Project Anarchy related resources including lesson plans, tutorials and videos that help make game development faster and easier. New resources will be available on the Project Anarchy online community.

Education for Future Game Developers

We'll be reaching out to schools around the globe and continuing to develop courseware to help future game developers learn the ropes and  exercise  techniques such as math, programming, computational geometry, simulation, and character animation. Lesson plans are available via the online community at:

Engaging with our Developer Community

Our team will attend a range of events worldwide to maximize our face to face time with developers, share beers and talk games. You can check out a list of all of the events Project Anarchy will attend, here:

If you are around for any of these events and would like to get together, let us know!

Project Anarchy Developer Contest

We will host a developer contest in the very near future and are very much looking forward to seeing some great innovations resulting from the combination of your talent plus the comprehensive toolset that is Project Anarchy. More to come on this soon, so stay tuned!

BIG thanks to all of our followers for your support and excitement. We hope you all have fun with the tech! Be sure to sign up for our developer community!


For more information on Project Anarchy, visit: