This section highlights the features included as part of Project Anarchy and the additional features/components which are not included by default but that are available through licensing with our sales team. Note that there are further details on the differences to the visual features of the game engine included in the Project Anarchy documentation. Here are some of the main features included in Project Anarchy.

Engine Features Common to all versions

Feature All Versions
Industry-standard Physics Engine Yes
Animation Studio Yes
AI with high speed navigation mesh generation and path following Yes
Scripting with Lua Yes
WYSIWYG Editor Yes
Terrain Editing Yes
Collaborative editing through shared directories Yes
Asset management and automatic transformations Yes
C++ low-level access to everything Yes
Audio (3D Positional and Classic Stereo) with FMod Yes
Advanced rendering system Yes
Render-to-texture effects Yes
Full-screen post-processing effects Yes
Particles Yes
Real-time shadows Yes
Low-level rendering access Yes
Profiler Yes
Native Code Support Yes

Product Comparison

Product Project Anarchy Full Engine Licensing
Havok Vision Engine Yes Yes
Havok Physics Yes Yes
Havok Animation Studio Yes Yes
Havok AI Yes Yes
Havok Cloth No Available
Havok Destruction No Available

Platforms Comparison

Platform Project Anarchy Full Engine Licensing
Android ARM Yes Yes
Android x86 Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes
Tizen Yes Yes
Win32/64 Win32 through PC Exporter Available
Xbox 360/XBLA No Available
PS3/PSN No Available
PSVita No Available
Wii U/WiiWare No Available

Additional Middleware and Tools Components

Component Project Anarchy Full Engine Licensing
Fmod Yes Yes
Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer Yes Yes
Scaleform Yes Yes
Beast Yes Available
Raknet No Available

Source Code Access

Feature Project Anarchy Full Engine Licensing
Vision Core Headers Only Full source
Physics SDK Headers Only Product Source
AI SDK Headers Only Product Source 
Animation Studio SDK Headers Only Product Source
Vision Plugins    
     Vision Renderer Full source Full source
     Physics Plugin Full source Full source
     AI Plugin Partial source Full source
     Animation Studio Plugin Full source Full source
Vision Tools    
     vForge No Full source
     vLux No Full source
     Viewers No Full source
     Mobile shaders Full source Full source
     DX9/DX11 shaders No Full source
     Console platform shaders No Full source
Samples and Tutorials Full source Full source

Professional Support and Marketing Comparison

Support Option Project Anarchy Full Engine Licensing
Community Support via Web Yes Yes
Direct Email with Havok Support No Yes
Phone with Havok Support No Yes
Technical Account Management No Yes


Marketing Option Project Anarchy Full Engine Licensing
Mandatory Splash Screen Yes No
Case Study Yes No
Use of game assets for promotional activities Yes No