Project Anarchy™ Logo, Copyright

& Trademark Guidelines

The Project Anarchy logo (“Logo”) is a graphical element and is a trademark of Havok.  The Logo may be produced in full color or in white. The proportion and construction of the logo cannot be altered.

Added effects to the logo such as 3-dimensional shading, drop shadows, outlines, glows or other effects should not be used.

Once the logo has been sized for use, there should be clear and equal amount of space surrounding the logo.

The logo may only be utilized in color as shown below. Use the reversed logos for dark surfaces.

Contact marketingteam@projectanarchy.com  for proper usage advice of custom logos and effects.

Splash Screen

When placing the Project Anarchy splash screen, please use the following guidelines:

The Project Anarchy splash screen must be displayed:

  1. Before the game begins (as referenced in the Marketing Attribution section of Licensee’s contract)


  1. Must be displayed in a stationary state for two seconds (not including the fade-in and fade-out time). The choice to skip the display may be included in accordance with user operations.

Copyright and Trademark Requirements

The Copyright/Trademark notice should be included within the credits screen of the Licensee Application. (Copyright/Trademark notice is not required on the splash screen.)

The Project Anarchy logo, copyright and trademark notice should all be included within the Middleware credit section of Licensee Application “about screen” and/or manual – either digital or print– (if applicable), or where other middleware licensed products are listed.

Include the following copyright and credit notice:

“Licensee Developed Game” uses Project Anarchy™ powered by Havok™. ©Copyright 2013-20XX Telekinesys Research Limited t/a Havok (and its Licensors). All Rights Reserved. See www.havok.com for details. (Where 20XX is the year the Licensee Application is released, and can be omitted for applications released in 2013.) 

Type Faces

Courier New is the official typeface for Project Anarchy and should be used when displaying or referencing the Project Anarchy name.

For questions relating to title specific logo attribution and copyright requirements, please email marketingteam@projectanarchy.com.